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Clausen Oysters is the largest oyster farm in the State of Oregon. Pacific Oysters are grown on 600 leased acres in Coos Bay and harvested year-round. Live and shucked oysters are shipped to seafood distributors for the wholesale market, sold locally to restaurants, and to the public in our remodeled store and restaurant..

66234 North Bay Road
North Bend, Oregon 97459

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Our Company

Clausen Oysters is sustainably managed farm located in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Our main focus is to produce an amazing Pacific and Cumamoto oysters.

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Our Philosophy

The Clausen Oyster business philosophy has been to always to offer a safe and select quality and professionally shucked oysters.


History & Tradition

With more than 600 acres of tide lands, Clausen Oysters is the largest oyster farm in all of Oregon. The original owners Lilli and Max Clausen started the farm in the 1980s in Coos Bay.

Max and Lilli Clausen started Clausen Oysters with the first oyster seeding in l980 after leasing some submerged ground in Coos Bay from Coos County. Seeding in Coos Bay usually takes place during the spring months. Oysters grow well in Coos Bay because rich nutrients are brought into the bay by the twice daily tidal exchange. The first crop was ready in l984. After that, each seeding yielded a years worth of fresh oyster harvesting to fill the increasing orders.”

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At Clausen Oysters, oyster larvae, about the size of pepper flakes, are taken and put on to an oyster shell. These shells are put in huge water tanks for three days allowing the larvae time to attach to the shell where they will remain for their lifetime. Then, these oyster shells are taken out on a barge especially made for shallow water and spread out on oyster beds. The oysters take about 3 years to grow forming groups of clusters on stakes in the tide lands. There are many different types of oysters but the ones Clausen’s currently grows are the Pacific oyster and the sweeter Kumamoto oysters.

Oysters are very high in nutrients, especially zinc. Zinc is very important for the immune system, as well as in brain chemistry. It also is important to the prostate gland, hence an aphrodisiac. They are delicious mollusks that provide the human body with a number of unique nutrients and minerals, which result in great health benefits. These include the ability of oysters to aid in weight loss, boost metabolic activity, increase tissue repair and growth, lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, improve immune functions, aid in wound healing, and promote healthy growth. Furthermore, they are a powerful aphrodisiac, can improve blood circulation, and also increase bone strength to reduce osteoporosis.

Professional Shucking

Our Oregon Pacific Oysters are harvested by barge and unloaded onto the dock. Here, live oysters are washed with a high powered water spray, shoveled onto the conveyor, and placed into the large cooler within 4 - 5 hours of harvest. Pallet by pallet, oysters are brought back out into the "break room" where the clusters are singled out (with air hammers) and sorted by size. Then the single oysters are washed again and brought into the packing room.

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