Clausen Oysters Farm Tours

Come experience all things oyster farming at Clausen Oysters from the hatchery where we grow our baby oysters in Coos Bay where you can shuck until your heart’s content. You will Immerse yourself in oyster farming with a tour, tasting, and master class in shucking. Explore our farm and learn how oysters are grown and farmed, the marine environment, and how we use sustainable aquaculture techniques to raise our shellfish. Learn to shuck oysters like a pro, take a deep dive into oyster tasting. After all of that, you end up back at our restaurant on the water for great Moon Rock oysters, BBQ Silverpoint oysters. It’s worth the trip! Some people come for the tour and then never leave.

This interactive tour includes oyster farming history, harvesting techniques, bay and marsh ecology, boat safety, hands-on oyster harvesting, and includes three oysters to take home or to the restaurant of your choice.

Tours will run every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with four tours a day: 10am, 11am,12am, 1pm. These tours last approximately 45 minutes and do not include lunch.

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